Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Feature Article in Artist Palette Magazine #89 Sep 2010

The much awaited feature article of me is now available in issue 89 of Artist Palette Magazine 2010. Read about my professional artist career journey so far and then check out my demo on the painting "Sunset over the Cane Field".

Please go and grab yourself a copy of this great mag.


  1. Congratulations Chrissy! I went out and bought the issue - well done!

    Almost makes me feel like I'm back in FNQ.

    Hope all is progressing well with the planned exhibition.



  2. That's fantastic! Well done Chrissy!!

  3. Congrats CHrissy!
    Hope your enjoying the moment:-)
    Its a good article and well presented.
    Well done !

    Greg Dwyer


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