Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flags of an Imaginary Nation

A competition through the Festival Cairns organisers for 2010 called out for artist to imagine a new nation of where we live (in Cairns/North QLD) and design a fake flag. The background to the new fake nation could be really 'out there' or more realistic. It's all just a bit of fun. It could be set in past, present or future. 10 of the winning designs will be exhibited in a small local gallery and they will be produced into real flags to be flown on our esplanade during the festival (fingers crossed -hope my design is one of the top ten!).

Tropical Northerners’ Coalition

Flag: Yellow Gold, Emerald Green and Sky Blue. The colours are symbolic for the land (dry bush, rainforest and reef). The blending from one hue to another is also symbolic of the ‘blended’ cultures, nationalities and people. The black silhouette of the Luculia Ramsayi or Australian Fan Palm is native to the region and is known for being unique to the wet tropics.

History: Tropical Northerner’s Coalition (T.N.C.) formed in 2010 in response to the Cairns and region community’s desire to unify their multiculturalism. The T.N.C. spans people from all backgrounds and races known as the Cairnsinese People. This vast diversity of people is what makes Cairns the culturally rich place it is.

Tropical Tourist Democracy

Flag: A section of a green Australian Fan Palm painted as the background, and symbolic icon of a Ulysses Butterfly top right corner. The butterfly is a metaphor for the transient population; the tourists. The insect also represents the flittering of people taking flight and the uniqueness of the people specific to the region. The large background image of the fan palm illustrates many tropical colours of blues, greens and yellows reflecting the different nationalities and cultures.

History: The Tropical Tourist Democracy is a futurist political government of the North Queensland region, primarily infiltrated in Cairns. Many years of being a tourist destination for holiday goers and site-seers saw the overhaul of the Cairns Regional Council. The recent democracy governs the region through frequent political change over of authorities (depending on the season). The transient lifestyle allows the governing people to continually evolve their system while standing for the Cairns lifestyle and leisure attitude.

Its all just a bit of fun. What do you think? What would you come up with for where you live? What would your flag look like. Feel free to respond in the comments section below in this post.

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  1. I'll vote for the TTD!

    What a hoot, hope you make the Top 10 and give Val something to think about!




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